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I love random stuff

You gotta love algorithms.

Today the news aggregators are filled with two stories, one of which is about Temple University acting President JoAnne Epps passing away, and the other story about conspiracy theorist Ray Epps being charged.

At the bottom of every JoAnne Epps story, the algorithm places a whole bunch of stories about Ray Epps. And at the bottom of each Ray Epps story, the algorithm places a whole bunch of stories about JoAnne Epps.

You know, because it just doesn’t know the difference. 😏

Unless, of course, it simply figures that you woke up this morning in a mood to read stories about people named Epps today.
Well to human editors at some places, it would seem that facts still matter... enough to issue a correction akin to fixing a slip of the decimal point...

I would call attention to the correction first:

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect that Kraft recalled nearly 84,000 cases of slices instead of nearly 84,000 slices.

For those still interested, the recall was about potential choking hazard in some cheese slices wrapped in plastic, recalled due to a thin strip of extra plastic having been enclosed in each individually wrapped cheese slice in a very large batch of the stuff. Yeah, 84,000 cases of cheese slices. That's a lotta cheese going to landfills, extra plastic strip and original plastic wrapping and all. Ugh!

File under "That went well:" A trash hauler in this rural area realized his garbage truck was on fire and drove home, he said, because he didn't want to set any properties on fire. The way home involved two town roads and a state highway, and the spewing of burning debris along all of them, setting eight to ten fires in the process.

Result: emergency responses by fire departments in two townships, and deployment of a brigade of creamery employees with fire extinguishers used to quench flames in random bits of burning trash strewn along a stretch of state highway. Unclear if the fire started in the truck proper or something in the trash haul had ignited. The truck was destroyed.

That would tend to tell me that most people don't think, they don't pause to consider, they just act on impulse/instinct. You know, like a rabbit or a mosquito.
Not sure how long it took Politico to decorate some piece about tentative progress (still behind closed doors only) in the chaotic House contest to put a gavel back in a Republican Speaker's hand after ditching McCarthy and taking a private yes and a public no on Scalise.... but with respect to Jim Jordan, they have managed to find a photo looks like Halloween is almost here.

They've all gone home for the weekend to think about whether Jordan could ever get to 217 in a full House floor vote.


yeah halloween is almost here.jpg