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I love random stuff

I just watched Michigan defeat Penn State, and the coach who's subbing for Harbaugh (banned from the sidelines) literally said in a post-game interview to the entire nation, "This is for you, Michigan! It was these ****ing guys right here! They did it!"

Except he didn't use asterisks. 😮
This from TIME mag back in 2014, days of real Twitter and mainstream media gingerly quoting Trump tweets. Can't say we weren't warned.

TIME mag - Trump back in the day of real Twitter.png
Seeking my dailiy ration of random good news, found it with LA Zoo's announcement that a baby ocelot arrived in September. They're keeping it behind the scenes for awhile yet until fully vaccinated but it's thriving and already has "a big personality". Big appetite too, apparently. Weighed 19 ounces when born and now tips the scales at six and a half pounds.

Notes from the town highway supervisor's report to the latest council meeting:

His crew has been trimming trees on roads that will be paved next year. During the last month, they were called out seven times for snow and ice removal. There there have been some incidents of mailboxes being hit by plows, which is to be expected this time of year and is not intentional.

File under "Tis the season to be jolly". 🤣
I wonder if this family clicked their fingers while the picture was being taken.

I wonder if this family clicked their fingers while the picture was being taken.

Wow. Just.. wow! Reminds me of those oval-framed daguerreotyped images from the mid--1850s where it was wordlessly clear from the expressions on subjects' faces that "life is hard and then you die". Hilarious idea for a birthday card though :ROFLMAO: