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Post News media link possible?

shadow puppet

Mar 23, 2022
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Hola! Ia it possible to add Post News links in the attach media options section? Those posts are generally longer than Twitter types so it's not always opportune to take a screen grab to share. Just asking, no worries if you can't.
Thank you for at least considering it.
But if it costs more, no worries & forget about it.
I've looked around in the administrative control panel and the community forums and do not see, unfortunately, a way to do this.

It could be nice, especially as there are so many new media options available these days that would cool to embed. But as with Mastodon and others, it looks like the only option is to paste the URL and have it come up as below...

...which is the same as any other website.

Moreover, even though Xenforo has been around a while they are only on version 2. So it seems major feature upgrades like that come infrequently. It's good software, it just doesn't look like they have plans to add to it any time soon.