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Ray Tracing Hardware


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Mar 24, 2022
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Chupacabra wrestling in Tejas
I’ve had a an RTX 2070 card for couple of years now, and have never really tried to make a comparison in any game I’ve played with it on or off. Maybe I have a subconscious block that my in-game graphics look good enough, or that RT has associated overhead that effects frames, and I even thought it might have been an automatic, default on feature. I guess I should look into this. :oops:

I’ve got 2 candidate games, Cyberpunk2077 and Witcher 3, if I discover something personally, I’ll report back. in the meantime, the biggest difference seems to be in the quality of reflections. At this point I see a subtle difference in images, and videos, and not sure how much of a performance hit (if there is any) that I would accept.

E0C70814-4B66-4CA0-9E48-9DF434EA2346.jpegReally nice reflections in the water, but if it was not side by side, would you miss it?
Maybe. :D


This image, really not much difference. Maybe in game it would be more significant depending on several factors such as Card and monitor. I’ve had a 4k monitor for several years now.
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