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The Coffee Thread


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Mar 23, 2022
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It seems inconceivable not to have a thread devoted to actual coffee, - everything to do with coffee - when this section of the site goes by the wonderful name of The Coffee Lounge.

Just now, I am sipping a mug of coffee from El Salvador, with some organic hot milk.
A new experience for me: A cup of coffee from Thailand (Anaerobic Natural) with organic hot milk.
Forgive my ignorance, is it brewed in any way differently?

I prepared it my usual way (filter coffee), but was very curious to see (taste) whether it was in any (significant) way different from what I had tried before.

And, as I haven't had a coffee from Thailand before, this did intrigue me when it becamse available.

Actually, I liked it; a sweet, smooth, elegant and surprisingly delicate coffee.
Enjoyed a coffee from Thailand.

(An anaerobic "black honey" processed coffee).
Placed an order for Colombian "washed" coffee (Pink Bourbon varietal), and for a "natural" process coffee from Rwanda.
Awaiting my coffee delivery.

Meanwhile, sipping a lovely coffee from Thailand ("black honey" processed) with a dash of organic double cream.
I have been enjoying a rather lovely "natural" coffee from Rwanda for the past few days (served with organic hot milk).
Placed an order for Colombian "washed" coffee (Pink Bourbon varietal), and for a "natural" process coffee from Rwanda.

Only reason I haven't run out of the Honduran beans I snagged from Aldi's awhile back is not wanting to have enough caffeine still sloshing about in my brain to keep me awake in the evenings, so to make the most of the daylight for gardening in this finally arrived late spring. Any other time of year I really don't care if I'm still sometimes awake after 10 or 11 at night, but when our short growing season seems safely launched, I can't be burning candles at both ends of a day. That said, I hope that Aldi's find wasn't a one-off, else I'd have ordered more!
Enjoyed a lovely "washed" coffee from Colombia today, served with organic hot milk.
Very much enjoyed an Ethiopian coffee with organic hot milk earlier today.