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The Joys of The Grape & The Grain: Tonight's Tipple


And it is going down rather well this Friday evening in August.
An IPA (actually, a double IPA) is keeping me company this Friday evening.
It is Friday night.

A Grape versus Grain debate has commenced in my mind.
Am sipping an Erdinger Dunkel (a lovely German dark beer).

As the nights draw in, and winter approaches, I find that my preferences increasingly turn to dark, rich, luscious, beers, whereas I quite like the IPA style in summer.
I sipped, savored and thoroughly enjoyed a Trappistes Rochefort 8 - actually, two of them - last night.

A perfect winter beverage.
My beer was delivered.

Thus, I am now sipping (savouring) a St Bernardus Abt 12, perfect on a winter's evening.
A night that calls for a few dark beers.

Starting with an Erdinger Dunkel, from Germany.
Enjoying, imbibing, partaking of, sipping and savouring a Trappistes Rochefort 8, a wonderful dark beer from Belgium.