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The Verge: or, How Not To Design A Website

Thomas Veil

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Mar 23, 2022
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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the technology site The Verge. Well, it seems they decided they needed a facelift.

This was the result...


Now, I like black backgrounds as much as you probably do, but this inky blackness is a bit much...especially when you're using serif fonts that are thin and tiny and hard to read against it.

Then there's the font they're using in headlines that looks like Impact on crack. Also hard to read. Not to mention using that same font for what looks like categories, but positioning it sideways and in similarly dark colors.

Or the sidebar-like text which...well, upon first glance, is that a comments section? A news feed? Who knows?

And of course there's the masthead itself, THE VERGE, looking like lettering that was sent to Ukraine and blown to smithereens.

And somebody actually approved this? šŸ˜³