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World of Tanks


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Mar 24, 2022
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At the urging of my son, I reinstalled WoT and have played a couple of games with him as a division. At first, it was a little fun, when I practiced solo, my teams seemed to win frequently, but now that we are playing as a division, our win rate just sucks, maybe we suck, lol, but I think he is better than me with better instincts.

I am all too quickly reminded of why I quit this game, a little over a year ago, after playing it since 2013ish. There is a huge DejaVu aspect with stagnant battles, on the same old maps, and everyone rushing to their favorite spot to play peek around the rock/building trading shots. Plus I’m out of practise, and just not that good.

Besides that, the constant pressure from War Gaming to buy, buy, buy, more prevalent or the perception of more prevalent in WoT than WoW. There is the basic season pass which is free, but don’t miss out on the enhanced season pass which is not. And then there is the subscription needed to make reasonable progress up the tech tree which is true of both games (WoT, WoW), and the latest spiffy hot rod tank. :oops:

I’ll maintain that WoW even though it also has a selection of its same maps, is a better, more fluid game. There are minimal places to hide and it’s more fluid because you have to judge and react to the engagement range of multiple enemy ships and avoid getting too close becoming the number one target ship. :)

Keep in mind I normally play Random Battles, so it’s not as if I can relay on a known team, and reliable team tactics. There is no guarantee the group of friendlies around me are smart and competant, pushing and retreating when they should, so it is a very different game from playing in an organized team who practises and plays together. Instead it is pot luck, and you play more cautiously for self preservation.