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Yard and Garden Talk

Anyone have an idea what this cactus might be? It was included in a plant order, no labels as a freebee. It started about 4” tall, it’s got white hairs and no spikes. I put it in a little pot and it has grown to almost 24” high. I’ve researched, but the only thing I’ve found with white hairs is an “old man” cactus, but it is barrels shape, while this flat, oval shaped.


My usual assortment of migrating songbirds and flycatcher types have long since fled for the Caribbean or at least the Carolinas, but earlier this evening just after nightfall I heard the rush of owl wings out back, probably from a perch in a willow tree. Reminds me that the mice will be trying to come in now in cooler weather, but it sounded like at least one of them won't get that far...